Equipment Rental

We provide Phantom cameras for commercials, Films, TV, Music Videos or Social Media content. Also we have an wide array of macro and regular aespherical lenses.

- We have 2 Phantom Cameras

- Infinty Probe Macros.

- Laowa Probe

- Arri & Cooke Lenses.

- Nikon Macros

Cameras, Lenses and nice gadgets!

Highspeed Live TV Broadcast

Using our iMovix System you can broadcast up to 2300fps on live TV, the whole system includes the CCU, Camera & operator. Just add you SMPTE Fiber and your camera guy and you are set to go live in Super Slow Motion

Highspeed camera for Broadcast up to 2300fps!

HighSpeed Production

We have partnered with CITRVS to provide beatiful high speed footage but also motion control, custom rigs and a state of the art setup for your commercial needs. CITRVS is a One-Stop-Shop you can do all your footage with their top of the line setup.

Produce your content with our business partners